You great big outer space DUNCE!

Facts of my life: My favourite character always dies. Rory Williams is the absolute proof. My "fandom" is bossy and short. I did my research and yes, Sherlock is a high-functioning sociopath. Bert and Ernie are gay. 42 Resistance is futil. Twilight will burn in book hell. I´m rude and not ginger. Accidents don´t happen accidentaly. Fear is a luxury. Writing is hard. It was a robot head! Time is not the boss of you. Rorschach was right. Everything is funnier in Ennochian. Not all those who wander are lost. It's leviOsa not leviosAAA. I BELIEVE IN SHERLOCK HOLMES BOWTIES ARE COOL The Doctor lies. John is not his date.


How come no one has nominated Emmett Scanlan for the ice bucket challenge, yet?


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Simon Monroe: physical ticks

The restless sway; those expressive brows; long slow-moving strides; twitchy fingers.

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